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VapourOn CE4 Electronic Cigarette is classic, refillable VapourOn CE4 Electronic Cigarette comes in a wide range of different colours. Its Compact and light weight design, makes it one of the smallest E-Cigarettes available. The top filled coil atomizer can retain up to 1.6ml of E Liquid, and can be easily replaced with an array of different VapourOn Atomisers. The VapourOn CE4 is also available in a number of different colours such as, Black, Purple, Brushed Aluminium, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue, and comes in a functional and aesthetic display box. Powered by our powerful Lithium 900mAh battery, this product also comes with its own VapourOn CE4 Electronic Cigarette USB Charger. A fully charged 900mAh should last up to and average of 800 puffs. We highly recommend the use of VapourOn E-Liquids with this product, which are designed and manufactured to the highest of industry standards. Using this product with our range of VapourOn E-Liquids means you are consuming some of the superb quality E-Liquids available on the market today. Please note, as with all tanks that utilise coil technology, the coils will need replacing between every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on usage. You will very quickly know when the coil requires changing, as the E-Liquids taste will begin to change, and the device stops producing as much vapour. • Precision engineered synthetic and stainless design • Easily Replaceable coil system  • Efficient and economical • Effortless to refill • Highest quality vaping with a clean taste • No leaking or burning • Approximate coil lifespan 12 to 20 days (With Average usage)
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